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The Chase Factory


The Chase Factory
A Celebration of the life and work of Jordan C. Greenhalgh

February 6, 2015.
THE YARDS Collaborative Art Space
in Rochester Public Market.

Suggested donation at the door. All of the sales and proceeds from the show will go to benefit Jordan’s beloved son, Milo.

Jordan C. Greenhalgh attended RIT’s School of Animation, where he studied stop-motion animation and created a plethora of films. His film, “Process Enacted” earned him the Princess Grace award in 2008. The film was also featured in the Nick Toons Animation Festival in the same year. Jordan was a founding member of the Sweet Meat Co. and his sculptures and installation work was part of the group’s inaugural show in 2010. Shortly afterwards, he moved to Brooklyn, NY where he continued to create work until his passing in early December of this past year.
Please join us in celebrating the life and work of Jordan.

Holiday Art Bazaar


Come celebrate the holiday season Saturday, December 15th 9-4pm with this fantastic line up of artists:

“Continental Breakfasts” will also be on display during the event. Lisa Barker will be in attendance to answer any questions about the project!

RIT BFA Glass Exhibition Opening

Showcasing yet another successful event at THE YARDS! The opening held on May 5th, 2012 featured glass-work from three artists graduating from the BFA program at Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of American Crafts, Katelin Leidner, Orion Becker, and Michael Migliorini.

Opening night had a steady stream of visitors from all corners of Rochester. RIT Students and Faculty, of course, as well as local artists and art gallery owners. The night was pretty packed from start to finish and we had amazing feedback and conversations all evening long.

The Yards Collaborative Art Space, Katelin Leidner

The Yards Collaborative Art Space

The Yards Collaborative Art Space

The Yards Collaborative Art Space

The Yards Collaborative Art Space

The Yards Collaborative Art Space

The Yards Collaborative Art Space

The Yards Collaborative Art Space

The Yards Collaborative Art Space

The Yards Collaborative Art Space

The Yards Collaborative Art Space

We at The Yards wish Katelin, Orion and Mike all the best as they complete this major milestone and embark on their paths as full-time artists. If you are interested in purchasing or commissioning their work, please contact us at The Yards or each artist individually.

Photography by Heather McKay, McKay’s Photography

In You Is Home: Review

Written by Sarah Beales

Photography by Lisa Barker

One of my favorite things about The Yards is that fairytale transformation that I feel when I visit the space. It’s a feeling akin to Alice, have I eaten the small caked marked “eat me” or drank the vial marked “drink me” today? You never know what to expect.

Walking into the gallery for the “In You Is Home” dance performance I see the gallery has delivered another fairytale-like transformation. Black fabric covers all the windows, creating a twilight scene on a woods setting. Evergreen branches hang from the walls and ceiling, while knobby branches create the doorway into the dance floor.

The dance floor itself is flanked by about 60 chairs and pillows for the audience. It is surrounded by a frame of branches that hold up translucent purple curtains. Behind these curtains is the dance floor that has a purple velvet couch and a piano.


“In You Is Home” is a collaborative dance piece between Erika Ruegemer & Co. and The Pickpockets, who created an original score for the performance. (You can read more here: I arrive early and sit alone in the audience, listening to the pre-show jitters work their way out in forms of singing, dancing, and laughter. I watch the dancers sit in stretching poses that make me ashamed I can’t even bend down and touch my toes.  The anticipation builds until someone says, “people are arriving” and Erika snaps her fingers and laughs, “backstage!”


Here is where John, Phil, and Joel—the boys of The Pickpockets—start playing behind the gauzy curtains. Percussion, piano, violin, it’s a melancholy mood these boys are setting as people start file into the space, looking for seats. True multi-instrumentalists, every time I look at the band it seems as they are playing something different, swapping piano for drumsticks or accordions.

The Pickpockets, sans the pipes of the group: bohemian gypsy incarnate Shannon Scally, play for about 25 minutes before the show begins. As the show begins I notice the band does more than just accompany the dancers, the band is actually a part of the story, acting as sort of spirits throughout the performance. The main spirit guide is Shannon, who seduces and comforts the main character, Matt, through every scene of the performance.

The show is broken up into the four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Spring begins as petals are strewn on the floor.

The show starts off with the main character, Matt, lying asleep on the couch. Shannon is on the outside of the curtains walking the perimeter, beckoning him to wake with a siren-like singing call. Slowly Matt wakes up and we are presented with a beautiful, athletic routine performed on the couch. Enter dancer Alana and we see the passion, lust, anger, and sadness of a relationship played out in a stunning, commanding routine. It ends with Alana storming off stage and Matt looking a bit hopeless. Shannon quietly lulls him back to peace by alternating cooing and blowing gently on his face.


The season shifts into summer, grass is strewn on the floor.

Summer begins with Matt and a new woman, Erika, who shows up angry with him. Together they dance a passionate, powerful dance that carries the intensity of a bad argument. The dancers at times mingle with the spirits of the bands. One interaction I particularly enjoyed was that of Erika holding the violin bow at various angles while Phil shifted his violin in different poses to play against it.


Jessica is also introduced in this season, another woman that is caught in the web Matt has spun. They perform a light, airy dance of love. At one point Jessica dances to the piano and performs a beautiful piece while Joel plays along on the piano with her. The music rises to a cacophony while on stage we see three dancers in three very different places, emotionally.

Summer turns to fall; leaves are strewn on the floor.

This was one of my favorite acts because it when everything comes to head with Matt and his three women. This scene felt like Matt against the world. Despite his attempts to keep them separate, the women unite against Matt and dance in unison at him, while The Pickpockets circled them in a way that felt like a brawl. Eventually the women all line up behind the couch and watch him with cold, emotionless faces. The band sits on the couch and Shannon has returned to outside the curtains, calling to him once again with her breathy, siren call.


Matt begins to tear down the curtains one by one. As one curtain is ripped down, one woman stalks off in fury. This occurs until all the curtains are down, all his women are gone, and Matt is exposed fully to the audience for the first time: spent, broken, and alone. He rests his head in Shannon’s lap, looking shattered as she calms him once again with her breath.


Fall turns to winter and the entire dance floor is covered with snow.

The room is dark when Jessica walks in and lights a candle. She sits at the piano and plays an absolutely breath-taking song that brings music and melancholy to Robert Frost’s poem, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. Shannon and Jessica sing, “the woods are lovely, dark and deep / but I have promises to keep / and miles to go before I sleep / and miles to go before I sleep” to music so heart wrenching it made me ache.


Alana, Jessica, and Erika perform a final dance in the snow as Matt watches from the couch, completely vacant. The girls leave and Shannon starts singing while Matt paces, “I cannot carry all your sorrow ‘cuz i have my own. I have my own. Just remember that light, remember that light in you is home. You have a home, IN YOU is home.”


Shannon repeatedly sings this to Matt as her and the band leave the room. They play this final song for a few minutes in the distance, and then all is silent. The room stays quiet and dark for about a minute, in which time it seemed as though the audience was taking a collective breath and processing the story we’d just been told, before breaking into a standing ovation.

RIT: School of American Craft, BFA Glass Exhibition

The next big event at The Yards is a glass exhibition by three talented artists graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Orion Becker, Katelin Leidner and Michael Migliorini will be showcasing their work until May 26th with the opening reception on May 5, 2012.

RIT: School For American Crafts
BFA Glass Exhibition

Opening Reception:
May 5 at 6:00pm until May 27 at 9:00pm


(A little more in depth look at the cast of the upcoming performance entitled “In You Is Home”, a rigamarole of movement and sound by Erika Ruegemer & Co happening this Friday, April 27th and Saturday, April 28th at THE YARDS.  To Purchase tickets:  *Special Thanks to Lisa Barker for the beautiful photos and Michael Moncibaiz for the flyer!)

Erika Ruegemer has been dancing since she was five years old. Hailing from the Twin Cities, MN, Erika received her Bachelors of the Art in Dance from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point (UWSP). After graduating from UWSP she pursued her passion of professional dance with ARENA Dances, Inc. Erika relocated to Rochester in 2007, where she continued with her passion by joining Push Physical Theater and FuturPointe Dance.

While in this new space Erika found herself taking a step back from dancing and reflecting on her dreams. It was during this time that she discovered a deeper vision for dance. It is with this greater focus that she has sought to collaborate with other artists: creating pieces meant to challenge, encourage and inspire. These immersive pieces strive to connect to the audience on a deeper, more intimate level than just pure entertainment.

Through her continual pursuit to see her dreams come alive, Erika has sought out like-minded, passionate people to join in with her vision. The path has wound and meandered in various ways, bringing forth Erika Ruegemer and Co. This endeavor is a collaboration of each of the members giving their deepest talents, creating an artistic community that is a union of humanity and the arts.

“In You Is Home” is a beautiful picture of relationships. Using sorrow as the motivator and voice behind the piece, Erika Ruegemer and Co. create a whimsical marriage between movement and sound. Similar to Erika’s past creations, including the performance art piece; “I Won’t Dance”, she uses organic props to create a whimsical environment full of mystery and fantasy. “In You Is Home” invites you on a search for reality, which most overlook, and gently guides you to take a look into your own sorrow.

The Dancers


Originally from Horseheads, NY, Alana started dancing at the age of three. In 2008 Alana moved to Rochester to pursue a bachelor’s degree in English. Despite being only 21 year old, Alana felt call of the dance, and opened her own studio: Rochester Conservatory of Dance, where she teaches contemporary dance and ballet.


Matt was moved by dance from an early age. As a child, Matt studied at the Rochester School of the Arts.  When the movie Save the Last Dance came out, he was inspired to pursue his passion at Julliard. But life had a different path for Matt, and he instead turned to the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) in Atlanta, GA. Matt applied his new found discipline and control that he learned in the ROTC into dancing; pursuing hip hop, Latin dance, and the joining Anbu Clan Dance Crew when he returned to Rochester.


Jessica started dancing when she was five years old. Like Matt, life brought her away from dance for a bit, but she recently started to dance again. Bringing new growth and knowledge into her dancing, she finds that she is now able to dance more freely, creating a landscape of feeling; communicating with her body in ways she cannot verbalize.

The Pick Pockets

If you’re a regular at the Rochester Public Market, you may be familiar with the jazzy sounds of the Pickpockets. Formed in the summer of 2011, the Pickpockets started playing at the market, unplugging their instruments and treating shoppers to an acoustic sound-scape of original tunes and traditional jazz. Nowadays you can find them playing at local bars, such as Abilene and the Bug Jar, and various other venues. The Pickpockets will be bringing their gypsy folk sound to the “In You Is Home” performance with Erika Ruegemer and Co.

John, “The Drummer”

Inspired by his older brother, John picked up the drumsticks at the age of nine. A multi-instrumentalist at heart, John plays music for an emotional release. Working intimately with the dancers of Erica Ruegemer and Co. has been an exciting new horizon for him, “it’s a rare and special event when musicians and dancers collaborate.”

Phil, “The Violinist”

Phil started playing violin at the age of seven, studied at the Hochstein School of Music, and has played with bands such as Silverfish and Pegaside. One of the founders of Pickpockets, he found himself moving from an electric to a more acoustic sound. He has appreciated working with the dancers of Erica Ruegemer and Co. Fleshing out the music with the movements; he feels they are creating a live film for the audience. “I love getting lost in this show, just having fun with it.”

Joel, “The Accordion Player”

Originally from Rochester, Joel started playing music in his teenage years and played with a few bands including “Meddlesome Meddlesome Bells” and “Pegaside”.  He found himself in The Pickpockets wanting to speak the universal language of music using his accordion. He has enjoyed played acoustically in the streets of Rochester and at the Public Market.

Shannon, “The Pipes”

Shannon came out the womb with a sultry voice, and has had very little training in it. With her gypsy like feel, she has serenaded countless individuals as the songstress of the Pickpockets. Shannon has allowed the movements and spirit of “In You Is Home” to evoke original pieces that guide the sorrowful yet inspiring theme of the show.


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